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Reset Task Manager to Default in Windows 10


In this Article, we will learn how to reset the task manager to default in windows 10. The task manager can be used for different awesome tasks such as manage your processes, performance statistics, app history, users, processes details, and services in Windows 10

Reset Task Manager
Reset Task Manager

when you open task manager for the first time you will see it in default mode

Example Default Task Manager

default Task manager

There are 2 main solution to reset task manager to default

Solution 1:

Reset To default TASK Manager
Reset To default TASK Manager

Solution 2

  • Close Task Manager, if currently open.
  • Click/tap on the Download button below to download the file below.
  • Save the .reg file to your desktop.
  • Double click/tap on the downloaded .reg file to merge it.
  • When prompted, click/tap on RunYes (UAC), Yes, and OK to approve the merge.
  • When finished, you can delete the downloaded .reg file if you like.
  • The second Solution Copied From Tensforum.com

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