How To Remove WebHelper and uTorrentie.exe permanently (2018)


What is Web Helper and uTorrentie.exe ?

it is a process that running constantly in the background along with u-torrent. It is used to show ads on browsers and help u-torrent to install different type of add-one in computer. In this article you will learn how to remove Remove WebHelper and uTorrentie.exe.

This is indeed the ad helper app for uTorrent, but alarmingly uses as much or more processor / memory than uTorrent itself.

Video – Solution:

Textual Solution

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With uTorrent RUNNING:

1) Ctrl+Alt+Delete In the running processes, right-click on utorrentie.exe (Windows 7) or webhelper (under background processes, windows 10) and click “Open File Location.”

2) Right-Click on utorrentie.exe (or webhelper), click properties, go to the security tab.

3) Click on Edit, and click on Deny for “Full Control” on all of the users listed (including SYSTEM).

4) Go back to task manager and kill all instances of utorrentie.exe or webhelper

Congrats! No more Ads, and uTorrent no longer bogs down your computer!

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